Who We Are at Fourth Presbyterian Church


Our Purpose: To help people create lives of deep meaning, wholeness and peace they seek

Our Method: We believe deep meaning, wholeness and peace are best created in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and through the study and practice of the values of our faith.

At This Place: We aim to provide an oasis; a sanctuary for people to find rest, renewal, inspiration, and spiritual nurture to help recharge and return to the world refreshed.

Our Values:

1 - We believe in a God who loves all people, saves all people and is available to all people.

2 - We stand on the side of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, generosity, accountability, hospitality, honesty, faith and peace.

3 - We stand against hate, violence, indifference, oppression and judgment.

4 - We resist within ourselves temptations toward greed, selfishness, worry, dishonesty, envy, arrogance and idolatry.

5 - We strive to grow in these shared values through a commitment to worship, service, prayer, study and fellowship.

our pastor:
Tom Vandergriff






3016 Preston Highway

Louisville, KY 40217

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