Wednesday After Worship - Post 16

I know it may sound a little strange to say, but I'm thankful our faith encourages an attitude of thankfulness. I really think that matters. What our minds and hearts focus on obviously determines what we see. Focus on the negatives in life and you'll find your life full of loss and despair. Focus on the positives in life and you'll find your life full of blessings and joy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one who recommends ignoring the harsh realities of life as if they do not exist, but as the Buddhists say, "You can't stop certain thoughts from coming to mind, but you don't have to invite them to tea."

Where do our minds dwell? That is the question. What thoughts do we "invite to tea?" What thoughts do we encourage to hang around in our heads? Hopefully positive thoughts that seek to see the great blessings in life. Hopefully thoughts of gratitude that remind us life is filled with so much for which to be thankful.

This Thanksgiving, while we might not be able to invite family to gather for a wonderful dinner, we are able to invite certain thoughts to tea. May they be thoughts of thanksgiving and gratitude and may those thoughts stay with us all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And not thanksgiving for one day, but for all of life.


Fun Fact

The first Thanksgiving was actually a three-day affair. Today, Thanksgiving takes place over one decadent day — maybe two if you count Black Friday. But the original Pilgrims really went all out. In November 1621, the settlers' first corn harvest proved so successful, Governor William Bradford reportedly invited the Plymouth colonists' Native American allies to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Members of the Wampanoag tribe came bearing food to share. They had so much bounty, the revelers decided to extend the affair two more days.

Prayer Concerns

Please remember the good folks of Fourth in your prayers. Here's a list of those we've been remembering:

Dennis and Joan Little - family situations and concerns

Bill & Ruthie Brent ask for prayers for Debbie, Jeff and Loretta

Jan Merrick asks for prayers for friends Karen and Jim. Jim is battling health issues

Michaelle and Larry Steier's son John - eye surgery

Margaret Lewis - Health issues. Prayers, too, for Alex.

Tom & Robin Woodruff - both recovering from surgery.

Leonard Yates who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is receiving treatments.

Esther Sparks post-surgery. Please keep praying for her recovery.

Tara Parker's nephew's wife, Valerie Chew, who will undergo 6 weeks of radiation.

My family as we grieve the loss of my wonderful mother, Judy Vandergriff.

4th TV

This week's episode of 4th TV features you telling what you're thankful for!

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