Wednesday after worship - post 24

A long while ago I put a sign up in the sanctuary that reads as follow:

Live your life with intention.

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of;

The life you have always imagined living.

I am convinced the best way to live the life we have always dreamed of is in a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. The best way to find joy, purpose, meaning, hope, peace, and all the other qualities of life people desire is by living our faith.

That said, our task in fishing for people is a task of offering the ways of Christ to people so they can live the life they have always imagined living. Many people are hurting, sad, lonely and lost and they need help. We obviously cannot go everywhere with people, but the gospel can. So we offer the Christ and the ways of Christ to people who are hurting, lonely, scared and lost so Jesus and his ways can help them live the life they seek.

As I’ve noted a lot this week, our teaching the gospel is not for the sake of building our membership or increasing our budget or to fix people we deem morally corrupt. We teach the gospel so people can understand how it helps them live the life they hope to live. Selflessness and service are what motivate us to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, not selfishness and being served.

Every once in a while I think it is good to remind ourselves of our purpose. Our purpose is to serve Jesus by offering him and his ways to others.

Blessings to you all and have a great remainder of the week.



Fun Fact

The Sea of Galilee was known in the Old Testament as the Sea of Chinneroth. It was probably named that because of the fortified city bearing the same name. The lake was later named Gennesaret and is called by that name once in the Gospel of Luke.


Prayer Concerns

Please remember the good folks of Fourth in your prayers. Here's a list of those we've been remembering:

Dennis and Joan Little - family situations and concerns

Bill & Ruthie Brent ask for prayers for Debbie, Jeff and Loretta and their neighbor's son Joe Guelda who has the corona virus

Jan Merrick asks for prayers for friends Karen and Jim. Jim is battling health issues

Michaelle and Larry Steier's son John

Margaret Lewis - Health issues. Prayers, too, for Alex.

Leonard Yates who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is receiving treatments.

Tara Parker's nephew's wife, Valerie Chew, who will undergo 6 weeks of radiation.

Pat Gould - Prayers for Lee Higdon who is recovering from surgery after having a 7" tumor removed from his kidney.

Judy Harris as she continues to recover at home

Paul Kabo diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Paul and Dina Bower's son-in-law, Junior, who lost a thumb in a work accident.

Prayers for Dina and Paul also upon the death of Amanda's son, Trenton

Faye Fedlam's dear friend Barbara upon the death of Barbara's husband Jim this week due to Covid-19.

Prayers for John David William's close friend, Ty Scroggins, who is battling Covid-19.

Prayers for Donna Finnell's friend Patty who is dealing with challenging life issues



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