Wednesday After Worship - Post 25

I want to follow-up this week's sermon by reiterating that the healing process of Jesus sometimes happens in miraculously immediate ways. However, the healing power of Jesus does not always happen in this fashion. Sometimes the healing process takes place over a long period of time with consistent practice and effort. Sometimes we need to invite Jesus and his healing ways into our lives regularly and intentionally because some of the afflictions we carry are chronic.

Sometimes worry, for example, goes away immediately, but sometimes worry needs the consistent engagement of the practices of our faith. Sometimes anger can be dissolved with a prayer, but other times it needs months and months of consistent prayer to be overcome. Sometimes forgiveness is miraculously easy to offer, but sometimes forgiveness takes time.

Here's the thing. Healing, no matter how long it takes, is miraculous. That we can mitigate the pain of our afflictions by the practices of our faith is miraculous. That we can overcome the chronic nature of some of our struggles is miraculous. That we can practice our faith daily toward better mental, emotional and spiritual health is miraculous.

As you consider our faith practices and the miracles of Jesus, I hope you will remember that the healing of Jesus is miraculous when it is immediate, but perhaps even more miraculous when we have the fortitude, the patience and the faith to allow it to happen over time.

Blessings to you and have a great week. I hope you enjoy the post.



Fun Fact

Capernaum sits on the northwest side of the Sea of Galilee. The Gospels communicate that Jesus left Nazareth at the beginning of his ministry and moved to Capernaum, though the reason for this move is unclear. All four Gospels indicate that it was the center point of Jesus' ministry. Jesus taught in Capernaum, healed in Capernaum and drew large crowds in Capernaum. Despite this, the Gospel of Matthew (11:23) and the Gospel of Luke (10:15) report Jesus' rebuke of the residents of Capernaum for their lack of belief.

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Prayer Concerns

Please remember the good folks of Fourth in your prayers. Here's a list of those we've been remembering:

Dennis and Joan Little - family situations and concerns

Bill & Ruthie Brent ask for prayers for Debbie, Jeff and Loretta and their neighbor's son Joe Guelda who is recovering at home after covid-19

Jan Merrick asks for prayers for friends Karen and Jim. Jim is battling health issues

Michaelle and Larry Steier's son John

Margaret Lewis - Health issues. Prayers, too, for Alex.

Leonard Yates who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is receiving treatments.

Tara Parker's nephew's wife, Valerie Chew, undergoing one more week of radiation treatments.

Pat Gould - Prayers for Lee Higdon who is recovering from surgery after having a 7" tumor removed from his kidney.

Judy Harris as she continues to recover at home

Paul Kabo diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Prayers for Paul Bower who fell this week. Just bumps and bruises, but still prayers appreciated.

Prayers for John David William's close friend, Ty Scroggins, who is battling Covid-19.

Prayers for Donna Finnell's friend Patty who is dealing with challenging life issues



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