Wednesday After Worship - Post 6

This week we take a closer look at the story of the widow's offering (Luke 21:1-4). In my sermon, I suggested that this story was not about money, but about the Kingdom of God. Jesus points out this woman's gift not because it was significant in amount, but because it was significant in faith. To give away the last bit of money you have to live on is an incredible display of faith.

Having said that, since money is involved in the story, I do have some tidbits of information regarding money included in this week's blog. I've added a segment in 4th TV called "Pithy Points," which this week are pithy quotes about money. Bill Hanna is part of this week's segment of "The Unqualified." It's nice to have a professional actor in the show. And finally, I was told the trivia questions were fun so I've included them again.

I hope you all enjoy the post.


Fun Fact

I thought for the Fun Fact this week it might be helpful to show a couple pictures of the layout of the temple in the days of Jesus. Currently in that location is the dome of the rock, but the pictures below are probably pretty good representations of what the temple might have looked like back then. Items 9 and 10 in the picture on the left show where the story of the widow's offering might have played out. No guarantee, but possible.

These pictures paint a pretty good picture of the Temple in the days of Jesus. Remember, Jesus lived during the time of the Second Temple. The First Temple (Solomon's Temple) was destroyed in

586 BC by the Babylonians. The Romans, of course, then destroyed the Second Temple in 70 CE.

Meet the Fourth Family

Meet the Finnell Family

Prayer Concerns

Please remember the good folks of Fourth in your prayers. Here's a list of those we been


Dennis and Joan Little's friend Dennis Tomberlin

Dennis and Joan Little's friends and mission workers in Cameroon, Richard and Debbie

Dennis and Joan Little - family situations and concerns

Bill and Ruthie Brent ask for prayers for Debbie, Jeff and Loretta

Bill and Ruthie Brent also ask for prayers for their friend Ronnie Judd who has had a heart

attack in the midst of his other health issues.

Pat Gould ask for prayers for her friend Tammy's husband

Jan Merrick asks for prayers for friends Karen and Jim. Jim is battling health issues

Michaelle and Larry Steier's son John - health issues

Margaret Lewis - Health issues. Prayers, too, for Alex.

Peggy Garlinger's son who has been diagnosed with covid-19

Nancy Wright's friend Susannah Lindsay with cancer. Also for Susannah's sons.

Paula Owen's niece Abby and her daughter Nik - tested positive for covid-19.

Naiser Family asks for prayers for their friend Dillon Frost. Dillon is still in the hospital.

4th TV

The Great Stabilizer

When I go to church and hear the stories of faithful people in the Bible like this week's story of the widow's offering, I'm reminded of a few things. One, that I have it far better than so many in the world. Any complaining I've done about little things I don't have just fly out the window in the face of this widow who possesses so little, but gives so much. I'm reminded to be grateful. Two, I'm reminded of what real faith looks like. I'm reminded that the Kingdom of Heaven is made up of faithful people who do not compromise on their values or ignore their faith practices. I'm reminded that the Kingdom of Heaven is entered through the gates of complete trust and faith in God. This encourages me to do all I can to walk through the gates of complete trust and faith every day. Church life reminds me of these valuable, healthy realities which makes church a great stabilizing force in my life.

Have a blessed week everyone. I'll post our worship video this Sunday. Remember, this Sunday is Communion Sunday.


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