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This week we take a look at some of the story from the book of Ruth. In particular, I focused my attention on chapter one, but I highly recommend you read the rest of the story. It is quite short, but a wonderful story of commitment, loyalty and perseverance.

In this week's episode of 4th TV I focus mostly on the notion of God's hand turning against us and the idea of punishment from God. I'm not a big fan of the idea that God turns a hand against us or punishes us and hopefully I make it clear why in this episode.

Also in this week's blog, I have included a video (see below) from Camp Cedar Ridge. I highly recommend watching it to stay connected with the camp and to stay informed about what is going on there. Andrew Hartmans does such a great job as Director of the camp as he continues to lead during this time of quarantine. Check out the video. It's very well done.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Blessings to you.



Check Out This Cedar Ridge Video!


Prayer Concerns

Please remember the good folks of Fourth in your prayers. Here's a list of those we've been remembering:

Dennis and Joan Little - family situations and concerns

Bill & Ruthie Brent ask for prayers for Debbie (a specialist has been called), Jeff and Loretta

Bill and Ruthie Brent also ask for prayers for their friend Ronnie Judd who continues to battle heart issues. His heart needed to be restarted twice after surgery recently.

Bill & Ruthie ask for prayers for Bill's step-granddaughter who has stage 4 cancer and is now in hospice care. Please pray for Bill, too, as this is very distressing news for him.

Pat Gould ask for prayers for her friend Tammy's husband

Jan Merrick asks for prayers for friends Karen and Jim. Jim is battling health issues

Michaelle and Larry Steier's son John - health issues

Margaret Lewis - Health issues. Prayers, too, for Alex.

Peggy Garlinger's son who has been diagnosed with covid-19

Nancy Wright's friend Susannah Lindsay with cancer. Also for Susannah's sons.

Naiser Family asks for prayers for their friend Dillon Frost as he recovers from an accident.

Jennifer Harrison's mother who continues to battle health issues.

Pray, please, for our city and nation as we continue to fight racism.



Just a quick reminder that we are a Matthew 25 Congregation. One of things we focus on being a Matthew 25 church is helping to put an end to systemic racism. This week I will post information about what we might do as a congregation on Sunday, October 4 to partner with other Matthew 25 congregations in Mid-Kentucky Presbytery to stand against systemic racism. I'll get the information to the Session first and then to you. Stay tuned!


Fun Fact

Did you know that the story of Ruth factors into the birth of Israel's greatest king? It's true. Here's the connection. Elimelech is the husband of Naomi. As you know, Elimelech dies. It is his death along with the death of Naomi's two sons that leads her to leave Moab and journey to Judah, where Elimelech has family. When they arrive, they come upon a man named Boaz. Later in the story, Boaz and Ruth marry. They have a son named Obed. Obed is the father of Jesse who is (as you know) the father of David, who would become King of Israel. Now you know!


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