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Who We Are at Fourth Presbyterian Church

Our Purpose: To help people create the lives of deep meaning, wholeness, and peace

                      they seek.

Our Method: We seek deep meaning, wholeness and peace in relationship with God                               through Christ and through the study and practice of the values of our faith.

At This Place: We aim to provide an oasis; a sanctuary for people to find rest,                                   renewal, inspiration and spiritual nurture to help recharge and return to                         the world refreshed.

Our Values:

1 - We believe in a God who loves all people, saves all people and is available to all               people.

2 - We stand on the side of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, generosity, accountability,       hospitality, honesty, faith and peace.

3 - We stand against hate, violence, indifference, oppression and judgment.

4 - We resist within ourselves temptations toward greed, selfishness, worry, dishonesty,           envy, arrogance and idolatry.

5 - We strive to grow in these shared values through a commitment to worship, service,           prayer, study and fellowship.


Your generous contributions support our effort to help people create lives of deep meaning, wholeness and peace.

Thank you! 

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